My Dev Environment

Working with different developers in different project and organisations made me able to see different development tools (Productivity tools) I’m a DotNet Developer so I’m not talking about Visual Studio but talking about other tools surrounding  this main dev tool

Source Control

I use Git for about 3 years now if you don’t you need to consider doing NOW

1 – I use on Windows Git Extensions also you can check GUIS for other Git UI clients on different platforms

2 – While installing git make sure in the installation you choose the option to run git commands from the Windows Command Line because Bash (Unix command line) is very slow on windows

3 – In your profile in Windows you should have some shortcuts that help you speed up your dev process you can find mine here

Visual Studio

Obviously Visual Studio is the main and the most important tool we use as .net developers but there are alot of things you can do to it to make it much better

1 – Resharper this is the most beautiful thing that happened to Visual Studio it adds a lot of goodness to VS it adds 85 shortcuts , refactoring snippets and it have a very good integration with LINQ it is a MUST have tool

2 – Web Essentials it is an Addin that gives you many Web features like tow views to LESS file editing and so on

That it for now i will keep this post updated as i add to my dev environment



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