Multiple Windows of Xamarin Studio in Mac

It seams strange but is is true , you can not have more than one Xamarin Studio window or instance by default and you need a hack to get this happening

To do so we need to this 

1 – Open Applications folder in mac

2 – Go to Utilities

3 – Double click on Apple Script Editor

4 – Click on New Document at the lower left corner

5 – Type this in the windows that comes up

do shell script “open -n /Applications/Xamarin\\”

6 – Save as Application and name it what you want



7 – Cosmetic Step is to change the icon of this script to look like Xamarin Studio 

  1. Right Click on the new created script file in Application folder 
  2. Click on Get Info
  3. Then leave it and Right Click on Xamarin Studio and click on “Show Package Content”
  4. Then go to Content \Resources 
  5. You should find Xamarin Icon 
  6. Drag and drop the Xamarin icon into the info of the Script that we created (Make sure you drag it into the icon as it shows in the photo)


After that you can Lunch more than one Xamarin Studio by running this script that acts like a Application from here 



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